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These are pennsylvania children who might benefit from medical marijuana.” said Dr. Cannon, PH.D. Dr Cannon says just because medical marijuana may help to reduce seizures in some kids doesn’t mean its a cure all. “I’m not willing to base the treatment of children and the people I care about based on... more →
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Investigation Shows Marijuana Is Now Within Reach Of Kids

Goldstein recorded many instances of adults buying the marijuana and quickly turning around and re-selling it to the underage kids. The students were shown, many times, smoking the pot minutes after leaving their schools. The student’s faces were covered because most appeared to be under 18 — the legal age for receiving doctor’s... more →
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Medical Marijuana Bill In Utah Passed First Test

A panel of Utah lawmakers has given initial approval to a medical marijuana proposal that would allow residents of the conservative state who have chronic and debilitating diseases to use certain edible products containing THC, the chemical responsible for most of the drug’s psychological effects. After a nearly two-hour debate,... more →
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Last Year Was Worse For Marijuana Investors Because Of Penny Stocks

In 2014, pot companies had the most drastic ups and downs for penny stocks according to data analyzed by Openfolio, a social network for investors to share which stocks they’re trading. This indicates that pumping and dumping marijuana stocks has accelerated to a pretty insane degree. These stock promoters are unknown, and... more →
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Sickle Cell Anemia Added To List Of Diseases For Marijuana Treatment Courtesy Of Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Bill

The “disease list” covered under the current version of the bill includes ALS aka Lou Gherig’s disease, seizure disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer,  Parkinson’s, Crohn’s disease, Fibromyalgia & Mitochondrial disease. African American legislators and sickle cell organizations were initially outraged that... more →
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Pot Companies Seeking Kosher Approval For Marijuana Products

      COO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher certification agency, Rabbi Moshe Elefant, told The Jewish Daily Forward he has had “preliminary discussions” with more than one company seeking a kosher seal of approval for its marijuana products. As a plant, marijuana would not normally require rabbinical... more →
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Carbonado Council Tackles Marijuana Growing Op Issue

Tacoma entrepreneurs have pitched the idea of leasing perhaps five acres of a 17-acre parcel near the town cemetery, out of sight of most residents. In strictly financial terms, such an arrangement could be an economic shot in the arm for the community of 600-plus residents. But those who oppose the pot-production plan believe there’s... more →
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