Minnesota Medical Marijuana’s “Era” Getting Nearer

About 40 minutes northwest of downtown Minneapolis, which is The Minnesota Medical Solutions operation in Otsego, is growing marijuana in a legal way. One of two manufacturers chosen by the state to produce medical cannabis, the company is readying for July 1, when it will be legal to sell the product in pill or oil form. Security,... more →
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Medical Marijuana Approved To Alleviate More Health Conditions

The following conditions were recommended by the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board: —Anorexia Nervosa —Polycystic kidney disease —Migraine —Irritable Bowel Syndrome —Osteoarthritis —Chronic Post-Operative Pain Rejected by the board: —Anxiety —Diabetes To read more, visit http://wgntv.com/2015/05/05/11-health-conditions-recommended-by-illinois-marijuana-board/ more →
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Four Words That Could Forever Change Marijuana’s Future

To put it mildly, the marijuana industry is rapidly evolving before our eyes. What seemed like a long shot to succeed a decade ago is quickly becoming a flourishing industry. Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed the pendulum swing from 75% of those surveyed by Gallup being against the legalization of marijuana to 58% of respondents... more →
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Top 5 Lessons Gleaned from Shark Tank Investor Celebrity

Kevin Harrington, a serial entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” investor celebrity,  joined a panel of four other investors at the summit’s CannaPitch, where four cannabis-related companies made pitches for early stage seed capital. Harrington wasn’t ready to sign on with any of the businesses—which ranged from biotech home-grow... more →
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School Sued By Parents For Allowing Their Daughter To Take Marijuana In School

Attorneys for the Maple Shade school district and the Larc School in Bellmawr, the private school for children with developmental disabilities 16-year-old Genny Barbour attends, won’t allow it, fearing they will be cited for violating the drug-free school zone law, and the federal law that states marijuana is illegal despite... more →
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Medical Marijuana Protest To Take Place At Sen. Jabo Waggoner’s Hometown

        Last week, Senate Bill 326, or the Medical marijuana legislation, received approval in a Senate committee, but Republican lawmakers are hesitant to put Sen. Bobby Singleton’s bill on the calendar to even be discussed on the Senate floor.  Waggoner, chairman of the Senate rules committee, told AL.com... more →
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State’s Denial of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Overturned By Judge

“As always, the MMJ Program’s top priority is ensuring safe, appropriate patient access across the Commonwealth,” said the spokesman, Scott Zoback. In a 22-page ruling Monday, a Suffolk Superior Court judge found that the Department of Public Health failed to follow its own regulations in June when it notified Medical Marijuana... more →
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