Rubio Supports Only The Non-Euphoric Kind Of Medical Marijuana

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson said in a recent interview that he supports the initiative and there were controls in place. “I will vote for it,” he said. “Just listen to the personal testimonies of people that nothing will help them as they are dying and marijuana gives them comfort and relieves the pain.” Florida’s... more →
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Medical Marijuana Might Conquer Cairo, Egypt

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department has found and arrested two more men in connection with a drug investigation. Cindy Taylor says Oran firefighters responded to the fire at her sisters home in Oran immediately. However, when they called for more help, she says there was a problem. Two men were arrested and charged after... more →
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Write-in Candidate Can Be Seen Smoking Pot In Political Ad

Both Obama and Clinton have now said states should be able to carry forward with medical marijuana, as Armstrong says she uses. But it is the official position of the Department of Justice that marijuana is a schedule 1 narcotic. Some former politicians have gone even further than just advocating allowing medical marijuana. Upon... more →
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Raided By Feds In 2012, Bowman Tries Growing Medical Pot Again In Southern Oregon

About two weeks after the sale, Gina and Randy Rice, who live next to the property, said they met Bowman over the fence. He told them he planned to grow medicine. Robert Graham, a Grants Pass attorney who represents Baquet, said his client has no comment.  Bowman, through his attorney Carl Clyde, also declined to comment. The Rices... more →
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$6.8m Deal For Dixie Botanicals Made By Medical Marijuana Inc.

This transaction will certainly result in our company adding revenue, and will add jobs, but were not certain as yet how many, said Medical Marijuana spokesman Andrew Hard. In a deal valued at $6.8 million, Medical Marijuana takes over all of the CBD-based line of products and the brand, Dixie Botanicals, including intellectual... more →
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Deltona Leaders Discuss Medical Marijuana Dispensaries & Other Medical Pot Concerns

The group said it wants to buy the Deltona Plaza at 1200 Deltona Boulevard and use the former Winn Dixie store to house a marijuana grow business. “Being able to address the issues of the homeless in Deltona,” said Smiley Thurston with Coalition Against Hunger. “Helping to feed the hungry.” Thurston and Wayne... more →
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Reefer Researcher Loses Appeal To Regain Job His Job At UA

Suzanne Sisley was let go last month because funding for part of the work she did with the medical school was running out and because the telemedicine program she worked with is shifting direction, the university said in a letter. Sisley claims she was targeted by conservative state legislators who disapproved of her research. Sisley... more →
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Non-psychoactive Medical Pot Will Be Legalize, Thanks To Federal Bill

Dubbed the “Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014″ after the name of the Colorado-developed marijuana strain most famously used in the treatment U.S. Rep. Scott Perry’s bill would exclude all hemp, as well as the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol, or CBD, from the federal government’s laws against... more →
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Medical Pot Support High Ahead Of Florida Vote

Support for legalizing medical marijuana in Florida gathered steam ahead of a November referendum, with a poll out Monday showing 88 percent in favor of the measure. Only 10 percent of residents opposed legalization, the survey by Quinnipiac University found. To read more visit more →
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Support Of Florida Voters For Medical Pot Bodes Well For Ballot Measure

Quinnipiac University found voters over 65 years old widely support a medical marijuana program , 83-14 percent, while voters ages 18 to 29 years old would rubber-stamp it, 95-5 percent. The lowest level of support is among Republicans, 80-19 percent. The Sunshine State is set to vote in November on a proposal to legal medical marijuana,... more →
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