Governor Of Georgia Signs Medical Marijuana Executive Order

Georgia’s medical marijuana bill is one step closer to becoming a reality. Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order Friday morning directing state agencies to begin preparing for the law. He plans to sign the bill after the session to ensure that no conflicts arise with other pieces of legislation. The bill cleared its final... more →
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Legalization Of Medical Marijuana Should Be Up To States’ Decision

By rescheduling marijuana as a Schedule II substance instead of a Schedule I substance, doctors would have the freedom to prescribe doses of medical marijuana to patients in states which have legalized the drug. It would suggest that the federal government believes that marijuana has legitimate medical uses and allow for further... more →
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Medical Marijuana Bill One Step Ahead In Iowa Senate

The Senate Ways and Means Committee on Thursday approved a bill that would make medical marijuana available to people with a number of chronic diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Those approved by a doctor could then purchase marijuana products produced in Iowa at state-run dispensaries. Last year, the Legislature... more →
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AVT Receives Contracts For Additional Placements In Gyms & Fitness Centers Nationwide

“We have not only designed a system that engages consumers and is fun to use,” says James Winsor, CEO of AVT, Inc., “but we have also merchandised the units with interesting and useful products, specially selected for the fitness member.” The machines are very popular in the existing locations, and sell a... more →
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NC House Says “NO” To Bill Legalizing Medical Marijuana

House Bill 78 marks the most progress any marijuana proposal has had in the N.C. General Assembly. Two years ago, a similar bill was directed to the House Rules Committee, where Republican leaders allowed four people to speak before cutting off discussion and killing the bill. This is the bill that state House committee unanimously... more →
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Couple Growing Marijuana In Their Elma Apartment Apprehended, Charged

Andrew Dorman, 25, and Erika Heltz, 22, surrendered with their attorney, troopers said. Each was charged with a felony count of possession of marijuana. During a search of the couples Clinton Street apartment last fall, marijuana was found throughout the dwelling, police said. After it was allowed to dry, it weighed in at more than... more →
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