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3 election, would amend the Ohio Constitution to allow adults 21 and older to buy, possess and grow a small amount of marijuana for personal use. Commercial marijuana could only be grown at 10 pot farms owned by investors. Issue 3 also creates a structure to regulate and tax marijuana. Issue 3 would allow for the use of medical... more →
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Grassroots Organization Wants Oklahomans To ‘green The Vote,’ Legalize Medical Marijuana | Kfor.com

In Oklahoma, citizens can bring an initiative to the voters if they have enough signatures on their petition. I have friends and family who suffer from things like ALS, friends who suffer from seizures. This is very important, this is proven to help those conditions, Lewelling said. Theyre proposing an amendment to the OklahomaConstitution... more →
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Marijuana Real Estate Company Had $800k Secured For Financing

Scientific Botanical Leasing will use the funding for improvements on a facility leased by an Arizona MMJ dispensary that signed a 10-year agreement, as well as to pay off bridge financing and finalize some of the dispensary’s signing incentives. The firm, an Arizona-based real estate company that specializes in cannabis-related... more →
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High Expectations For Marijuana Business

There is huge sales in 2014, up 74 percent from $1.53 billion the year before, according to the ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment network. The cannabis trade has not only brought in millions for dispensary owners and cultivators, its also created a thriving ancillary market, driven job growth and boosted property values,... more →
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Lower Cost, More Choice, That’s Marijuana

She swallows a syringe full of marijuana oil with higher concentrations of CBD twice a day for inflammation. When she first became a patient at Compassionate Care, Miller needed a wheelchair or power scooter to get from the handicapped parking spot to the front door. But now, she navigates a walker. This has resulted in a decrease... more →
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New Market: Marijuana Money Management

The main concern keeping marijuana retailers on the cash train is the worry that by using a federal bank, they open themselves up to possible money laundering charges. The way PayQwick works is ostensibly simple and it is geared both toward consumers and businesses. For consumers, there are a few ways to use the service. Physically,... more →
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Legalized Medical Pot Officially Introduced In Las Vegas

Euphoria Wellness followed the opening of Sparks’ Silver State Relief in July, which was seen as the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in Nevada to open. According to Darlene Purdy, general manager of Euphoria Wellness, the dispensary will offer oils, concentrates and edibles once production centers open. Purdy estimates... more →
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The Next 11 States That Will Go For Marijuana Legalization

The potential tax revenue, job creation, and reduction of the burden of offenders on state prison systems, for example, have likely been a motivating factor behind the bills to regulate and legalize the drug in many of the states on our list. In an interview with 24/7 Wall St., Allen St. Pierre, executive director at the National... more →
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GTSO: Popularity Of Edible Pot Still Rising

GTSO is working to solve these issues as it works to help develop a new line of edible products. GTSO formed a joint venture with innovative cannabis edibles developer Elevated Industries last year in order to deliver new products tailored to increasingly sophisticated cannabis businesses and consumers in Colorado and beyond. About... more →
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