Marijuana, Economy Discussed At Cannabis Cub

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A Gratiot County man is in trouble with the law after being accused of secretly videotaping an unclothed girl at her home. Ultra light airplane knocks out power in three counties Saturday night. Updated: Saturday, July 26 2014 10:29 PM EDT2014-07-27 02:29:42 GMT (07/26/2014) – Consumers Energy says an ultra-light plane crashed... more →
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Pot Smokers Are Selfless & Moral In Romantic Relationships

The 1,245 members were asked four questions related to their morality. They could respond either yes or no. All age groups on the site were represented. When it came to cheating in relationships, the majority of responders were against it. Only 2 percent of users said they would cheat even if they knew they would not get caught. When... more →
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Everything You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana In Florida

On a constitutional amendment, that would legalize possession and sale of marijuana for medical purposes. Patients would need a doctor’s certification that they have a debilitating illness or condition. Polls indicate broad support, but Amendment 2 must pass by 60 percent or more to succeed. Here are questions and answers... more →
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Medical Pot, New Chief Of Probation On Council Agenda

- The Shasta County Board of Supervisors discussed a medical marijuana ordinance and approved a new chief probation officer in Tuesday’s meeting. Related Supervisors passed a restrictive ordinance in January banning all outdoor grows and limiting indoor grows to structures detached from homes with an air filtration system. Opponents... more →
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Medical Pot In Oregon: Iowan Convicted Of Marijuana Crimes, Arrives To Obtain Medical Pot

Benton Mackenzie, who has two prior drug-related convictions, including one for manufacturing marijuana, faces up to five years in prison. The family left their legal problems this week to make one last trip to Oregon, the only state in the country that allows out-of-staters to enroll in its medical marijuana program. According... more →
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Marijuana-Friendly Ordinances Finally Approved

City rules will govern where they can be located. Cultivation centers, where marijuana plants are grown, would need approval from either the city council or zoning board of appeals. Dispensaries, where medical marijuana is sold to customers, would not need special approval. Neither would be allowed anywhere near schools or day care... more →
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Flagship Financial Year For Cannabis Science Arrives Amid New Legislation On Medical Reefer

Marked by both an expertise in the science behind cannabinoid therapies and a keen eye for financial and economic trends in the industry, CBIS is a well-rounded biotech stock that boasts definitive assets and agendas. With landmark legislation opening up new, untapped markets seemingly every week, CBIS should prove to be an attractive... more →
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