Toronto in a haze over medical marijuana dispensaries

Toronto lawmakers watching medical marijuana shops pop up “like crocuses in spring” are hoping for signals from Ottawa on how to deal with the onslaught. “We need a sign from the federal government — are they going to change the rules around medical marijuana? Should we as council be trying to close these clinics altogether... more →
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Scottsdale may tighten medical-marijuana rules

The clock is ticking for ailing Iowans who want the state Legislature to expand access to medical marijuana, and they may be running out of time. Activists for medical cannabis issued an 11th-hour plea for help on Tuesday, just one day after theIowa House defeated a Republican-backed bill aimed at accessing marijuana oil... more →
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UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Tuesday he is open to the legalization of medical marijuana in Mexico and that his government would announce new measures in the coming days. “I am giving voice to those who have (in public forums) expressed the necessity of changing the regulatory... more →
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Medical marijuana’s colorful spectrum guides patents

Each medical marijuana company in New York is allowed to produce up to five different strains of the drug. The oils, tinctures and capsules are generally labeled by different colors or brand names, and, in some cases, both. Vireo Health of New York, for instance, uses a red, yellow and green traffic-signal-like system for three... more →
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State mulls medical marijuana legislation

It’s not a question of if, but when medical marijuana will be allowed in Pennsylvania. A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania could be voted on soon by the state Senate, which has approved medical marijuana before. The state House also gave the green light to the practice, most recently in a March 149-43 vote of support. Gov.... more →
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Easter Egg Hunt Disturbance Leads To Big Pot Bust

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A family-friendly Easter event took a wrong turn in a suburban neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington. During an Easter egg hunt Saturday, a man ran toward the crowd, screaming that his roommates were going to shoot him. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded and learned the root of the problem was a large, unlicensed marijuana... more →
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New medical marijuana laws in place in Detroit

DETROIT (WJBK) - Detroit has a new set of medical marijuana laws that officially went into effect on Thursday that requires owners of dispensaries to have a license to do business. The new laws were put into place after months of back-and-forth and is requiring the proprieters of pot shops to have a license to sell. This is no easy... more →
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