NY To Choose Medical Marijuana Growers in Mid-July

          Alternative Medicine Associates, LLC, based in Williamsville and led by Dr. Gregory Daniel and a team of more than two dozen physicians, submitted a 66,000-page application to acquire a license. Far(m)ed New York, LLC, under the direction of Atwal Eye Care, proposes building a greenhouse in the... more →
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Medical Marijuana Business Hangs On the Balance As Number Of Patients Still Low

About 22,600 people have signed up on the state’s website to obtain medical marijuana, but only 3,200 have completed the application. The state law requires patients to submit fingerprints for criminal background checks and to get a doctor’s recommendation, which some patients say has been difficult. Only about 100 more... more →
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At Last, Minnesota Legalized Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana became legal in Minnesota at the stroke of midnight Wednesday. Moments later, the state’s first cannabis clinic opened its doors.  “We’ve been waiting a long time for this,” said Kim Kelsey, standing outside the Minnesota Medical Solutions clinic in downtown Minneapolis in the early hours of Wednesday morning.... more →
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NJ To Expand List Of Qualifying Conditions That Can Be Treated With Pot

On Wednesday, Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd confirmed that she’s considering expanding the list of qualifying medical conditions for MMJ, according to the Courier-Post. As of the end of 2014, only about 3,600 patients had received permits to purchase MMJ in the two years since the program launched. A Coalition for Medical... more →
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In New Jersey, Compassionate Science Dispensary Given “Green Light”

NJ Dispensary
Compassionate Sciences, Inc. was granted a license to begin growing and dispensing medical cannabis on Monday by the state Health Department, according to NJ.com. Compassionate Sciences is the 5th company that was granted a license.  For months, New Jersey had only three operational access points for patients, although the 2010... more →
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Washington Moves Closer In Tax Restructuring For Medical Marijuana

In this law, a 25% excise tax is assessed when inventory is transferred from growers to processors, then again from processors to retailers, and finally from retailers to customers. The bill to change that tax structure passed the House on Friday with a 59-38 vote and the Senate on Saturday by a tally of 36-7. According to law, House... more →
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Courtesy Of Eaze, You Can Get Medical Marijuana Card Via Smartphone

EazeMD issues the new card electronically to the “patients” smartphone and then moves them to the Eaze platform where they can order and get “medication” delivered right to wherever they are in less than 15 minutes, according to McCarty. Rival service Meadow claims to Uber over a doctor (mine actually came on a skateboard),... more →
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In Boston, More Than 50 Applied For Medical Marijuana License

Concerns about political favoritism, conflicts of interest, companies with questionable financial structures, and executives with questionable pasts mired the process last time around. As a result, more than two dozen lawsuits were filed, and patients were left without any dispensaries in Boston until last week. For marijuana executives... more →
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Louisiana Medical Marijuana Update: Who Can Get It?

As the law is currently written, only people suffering from any of these diseases are qualified for a medical marijuana prescription: • Those undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of cancer • Those with spastic quadriplegia, a rare form of cerebral palsy that causes chronic muscle stiffness • Those patients suffering from glaucoma However,... more →
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