Colorado Marijuana Law Doing Harm To Nebraska

In 2012, Colorado voters legalized marijuana for recreational use. This recreational use law followed on the heels of prior passage of a medical marijuana use bill which very loosely enforced the concept of “medical.” In doing so, Colorado took a federally recognized Schedule I illegal drug, as defined by the Controlled Substances... more →
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Prosecutors Hide The Truth From Jurors So To Imprison Medical Pot Users

What you don’t realize is that the defense attorneys have been forbidden to discuss their clients’ reliance on Washington’s law, since federal law bans marijuana for all purposes. You also do not realize that each of the defendants faces at least 10 years in federal prison, because their lawyers are not allowed to talk about... more →
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Illinois Pot Licensing Delays Worries Cannabis Advocates

Former Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, who supported medical marijuana, left office in January without issuing licenses for growth and distribution, leaving it to his successor, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner. Rauner, who has expressed skepticism about the licensing process, wants a thorough legal review, his office said, which... more →
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