Liquor Control Board Might Probed Into Medical Marijuana

Really need to fight to keep our medical marijuana program in first, said Jenn Lorz with Northside Alternative Wellness Center. Staff worried that their clients would have to go to a store selling recreational pot. They worried that would mean long lines and higher prices for their clients. Members of the Liquor Control Board said... more →
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Marijuana Dispensary Ready For Approval, Now In Its Final Inspection Phase

The cultivation space is being built out, he said, as well as a completely new commercial-grade kitchen. “We’re working on all parts of it to try and get the building ready to come online as soon as possible so that we can help the patients,” he said. “They’ve had quite a wait.” The whole approval... more →
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Medical Marijuana, Inc. Reports That Products Sales Get Higher Every Quarter

In addition, HempMedsPX (TM) supported AutismOne ‘s global annual conference during which AutismOne promoted HempMedsPX (TM) via multiple radio broadcasts on VoiceAmerica. Medical Marijuana Inc. ‘s subsidiary Wellness Managed Services launched a joint venture with MPS Security under the brand MPS International ( MPSI... more →
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Instead Of Banning, Council Might Extend Moratorium On Medical Reefer

The city’s current moratorium was set to expire Sept. 24. On Monday, the City Council accepted a committee report on the extension. It will be presented before the Council Sept. 15. The City has repeatedly said they hoped the legislature would take action on the issue of medical marijuana, providing direction and regulation... more →
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Under New Law, Dispensaries Of Medical Pot Might Be In Staten Island After All

Medical marijuana dispensaries could be coming to a neighborhood near you. The recent passage of a medical marijuana program in New York state, signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, allows for as many as five manufactures and 20 dispensaries to grow and sell the drug statewide under New York’s Compassionate Care Act . Dispensaries... more →
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Those Who Agree On Legal Medical Pot Wants To Vote

Dana Ulrich of Lancaster County said July 9 that she couldn’t understand why senators won’t act sooner when lives are at stake. Ulrich’s 6-year-old daughter Lorelei suffers from severe seizures and she and other advocates believe marijuana oil extracts can save the lives of their seizure-wracked children while... more →
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