Third Quarter 2014 Shareholders Report Announced By Medical Marijuana Inc.

Wellness Managed Services The votes are in and both medical and recreational marijuana and cannabis are at the forefront of the public’s attention. One area that is critical to ensuring ongoing success of the reintroduction of cannabis in the U.S. is physical and security surveillance. Medical Marijuana Inc. ‘s subsidiary... more →
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Marijuana Businessmen Face Special Business Burdens Dealing In Pot

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., one of the most outspoken Republicans for federal marijuana reform. Blumenauer, who represents part of Portland and its eastern suburbs, is pressing for a raft of bills that would ease federal restrictions on marijuana, but the most pressing are the tax code and the banking rules. We need congress... more →
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County & State Dispute Over Medical Marijuana

County commissioners are fighting with state health officials over medical marijuana. It all comes down to dispensary licenses. There are only 18 up for grabs. The state selected which 18 licenses to set up shop, as did the county. Here’s the problem: There are eight licenses on the state’s list that aren’t on the... more →
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Pharmacy Board Hears Case For Reclassification Of Marijuana

It’s the first step in the process that could lead to a change in state law. An Iowa Board of Pharmacy sub-committee met Monday to discuss a request to reclassify marijuana. The three person marijuana review committee heard from medicinal marijuana advocates and doctors who say the drug needs to be reclassified as a schedule... more →
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American Seed & Oil Company Attracts Charlotte’s Web Medical Marijuana Interest

The meeting succeeded in attracting more than 1,000 acres in potential hemp farming commitments. The event on Saturday was the first of a series of events the American Seed & Oil Company plans to roll out across the United States focusing first on States and Districts where Medical Marijuana and Hemp cultivation has been made... more →
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Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Facility Blocked By Duluth

The ordinance allows the council to review city zoning regulations to see if such a facility would fit. Click here to subscribe to our daily newsletter. The measure passed six to three with Councilors Jay Fosle, Joel Sipress, and Sharla Gardner in opposition. Gardner says one reason she voted against the ordinance is because she... more →
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Legislature Will Act In Spite Of Statewide Support For Medical Pot

We have heard a fair number of predictions that state lawmakers next year will pass laws to open the doors for legalized medical marijuana in Florida but do it in a way that leaves fewer potential loopholes than the constitutional amendment initiative that failed to pass. After all, the thinking goes, how could the Legislature ignore... more →
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There Is A Much Smarter Investment Than Marijuana

They are the epitome of the world’s most dangerous type of investment, and investors must be careful not to allow the marijuana movement to cloud their judgment. Forget marijuana and buy this instead My personal suggestion is that investors should just forget marijuana investments altogether and focus on a much smarter way... more →
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Duluth Blocks Medical Pot Manufacturing Facility

The measure passed six to three with Councilors Jay Fosle, Joel Sipress, and Sharla Gardner in opposition. Gardner says one reason she voted against the ordinance is because she does not want the city to miss out on any good manufacturing jobs. “It isn’t as if they are going to be selling this to anybody and everybody,”... more →
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