Report: Colorado pot sales top $1B in 2015

Schuyler Trowbridge keeps track of inventory at Green Tree Medicinals, 12626 N. 107th St. in Longmont last year. (Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer) Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion in 2015, according to a new report from cannabis investment firm the ArcView Group. Estimates put the figure at $1.005 billion, up... more →
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Is Legal Pot Putting Mexican Drug Farmers Out Of Business?

That means some of those supplies are filtering out to other states on the black market. Still, it will still be some years before supplies from states where marijuana is legal will make up a large portion of the nation’s black market supply, Caulkins said. However, he is steadfast in the belief that national legalization... more →
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Coalinga To Allow Marijuana Dispensary; Other Valley Cities, Counties Analyzing Ordinances Under New State Law | Fresno Bee

Most central San Joaquin Valley cities and counties are not following suit instead opting to keep current ordinances banning dispensaries and commercial cultivation or tighten the regulations further. These decisions frustrate advocates, who say the local governments are missing out on a valuable revenue stream and violating the... more →
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Risky Business, Part 1: Banking In The Marijuana Industry

tender, accepting, spending and saving cash, but without a formal banking system many businesses struggle to document a chain of custody for their money, making it difficult for them to pay bills, taxes or attract investors and banks. Even though the U.S. Treasury Departments Financial Crimes Network (FinCEN) has guidelines saying... more →
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Everyone Passes: Some Washington Pot-testing Labs Have Suspicious Results, Says Scientist | The Seattle Times

Under state law, LCB regulators dont oversee labs to the same degree they do licensed pot businesses, which LCB agents inspect and test through secret shopper investigations employing underage buyers. Violations by licensees have led to warnings, fines, suspensions and cancellations of licenses. Instead the LCB uses a third party,... more →
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