About 750 apply to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona

PHOENIX — Arizona health officials recently received more than 700 applications for about 30 available medical marijuana dispensary licenses. “During the window, we received 750 applications,” Tom Sallow with the Arizona Department of Health Services said. The applicants are attempting to get their hands on one of 31 dispensary... more →
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State should delay medical marijuana cutoff until year-end

Montana just can’t get marijuana right. Voters in 2004 approved giving sick Montanans the right to use medical marijuana to alleviate pain, which sounded like a good idea. But problems cropped up right away. With barely any budget or staffing to get a medical marijuana program going, the concept languished for a few years. Eventually,... more →
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The missing scientific case for medical marijuana

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has just issued a helpful reminder to all Americans. In denying a petition to loosen restrictions on marijuana, the agency repeated that the drug has “no currently accepted medical use” in the United States. This may come as a surprise, given that 25 states — including Nevada —... more →
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Medical marijuana dispensaries face problems with banks

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Polling shows that voter approval of medical marijuana is likely this November. State lawmakers, who are in Chicago for a national legislative conference, are being told to be ready for a banking dilemma. It is a problem already being faced by the small number of dispensaries in the state. When Trulieve... more →
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Critics slam state for medical marijuana application backlog

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Department of Health has such a large backlog of applications for medical marijuana identification cards the state auditor has called it a public health emergency. The average time for processing a medical marijuana ID card is now 43 days, which is down from the 60-day average in June but still exceeds... more →
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Forms reflect updates to Illinois medical marijuana program

The Illinois Department of Public Health posted the updated information on its website Tuesday. The new material includes a form physicians must use to certify that a patient has a qualifying health condition. Doctors no longer need to recommend marijuana, but must certify a patient’s diagnosis. An updated patient application is... more →
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Medical marijuana laws: It’s all a bit hazy

SELAH — Despite a ban on recreational marijuana operations in unincorporated Yakima County, Mark Henning sells neatly packaged marijuana buds, marijuana-infused cookies, candy and even coffee at The Canyon, a small store just outside Selah. For years, the county largely ignored him and others operating low-key medical marijuana... more →
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Council begins to tackle medical marijuana dispensaries

LIMA — While medical marijuana will be law in Ohio as of Sept. 8 the means to dispense the drug locally will be a heated topic if the city’s Safety Services committee discussion Monday is any indication. Third Ward Councilman Jesse Lowe II sat in on the hearing and voiced his opposition loud and clear. “I don’t agree with... more →
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