Aspen Pot Seller Plans Hyman Mall As Location Of Business

LLC formally submitted the application this week, Manning said. The company registered as a limited-liability company with the Colorado Secretary of States Office in March. It has a pending application with the state to sell medical marijuana, a first step before acquiring a municipal license.  Meacham could not be reached for... more →
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Bob Gualtieri, Drug-Free America Worry About Broad Medical Reefer Language

He would prefer a medical marijuana amendment focused on specific medical uses instead of the amendments general language about debilitating conditions, which he equates to recreational use. If it was crafted a lot differently than it is, then Id be more for it, Gualtieri said of Amendment 2. Miguel said from a medical standpoint,... more →
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NY’s New Medical Pot Law Is What This Event Is Focusing On

New York state lawmakers and advocates of medical marijuana gathered in New York City on Sunday to discuss the implementation of a new state law authorizing marijuana as a treatment for certain medical conditions. The event drew potential patients, policymakers and hundreds of people interested in working in the new medical marijuana... more →
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Medical Marijuana Law Has Legal Flaws, Shortcomings

How much marijuana may a patient obtain? Once a person receives approval for medical marijuana, they may obtain up to 2.5 ounces per week from a specific dispensary. (Because marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law, the patient receives a recommendation, rather than a prescription, from a doctor to maintain compliance... more →
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Medical Pot Stolen During Dispensary Break-in

Robert Pfannes said police were dispatched at 4:30 a.m. Monday to the Treecity Health Collective , 2730 Jackson Ave. after being notified of a break-in by an alarm. Pfannes said an unknown suspect, or suspect, forced entry into the building. A small amount of packaged medical marijuana was stolen, he said. There was no suspect description... more →
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Another Medical Pot Bill Poisoned By Authorities, Cops

When defense attorneys get the cases thrown out, collectives get back from the police dead plants, moldy edibles, and no compensation. The State Sheriffs Association and the Police Chiefs Association oppose fair compensation, “based on concerns that codification and/or expansion of claim eligibility could require potentially... more →
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Medical Marijuana Task Force Coming To Big Island

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Almost half the states 13,115 medical marijuana patients live on Hawaii Island, but it took a request by state Sen. Will Espero for a medical marijuana task force to schedule a public hearing here. Espero, D-Ewa, prevailed upon the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Task Force at its Aug. 12 meeting to include a Kilo meeting in addition... more →
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