Dispensary Regulations Considered By Washington County

Dispensaries also could not be feet within 1,500 feet of MAX stops, a measure proposed by law enforcement to prevent trafficking on public transportation. There are dispensaries planned on TV Highway, Shaw Street and 26th Avenue just east of Oregon 217. The fourth has been approved by state officials, but the owners have not yet... more →
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Medical Marijuana Legalization Supported By Conservative Lawmaker

Mike Folmer awake until 4 a.m. Folmer pored over studies and news articles while his wife, Sheila, wondered why he lingered at their computer all weekend. Folmer, a conservative Republican from Lebanon County, had changed his mind on medical marijuana. The human race has been using cannabis for medical purposes for thousands of... more →
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Painkiller-Related Deaths May Be Reduced By Medical Marijuana

Mixing these medications with other drugs and alcohol is also dangerous and may result in overdose. About half of prescription-painkiller deaths involve at least one other drug, such as cocaine or heroin, according to the CDC. It is not clear how, exactly, medical marijuana is related to lower opioid overdose rates. But the protective... more →
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Valid Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Should Be Allowed

Additional results of the study show that the relationship between lower opioid overdose deaths and medical marijuana laws strengthened over time; deaths were nearly 20 percent lower in the first year after a state’s law was implemented, and 33.7 percent lower five years after implementation. While safer treatment of chronic... more →
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Organigram & Bedrocan, Two Canadian Marijuana Firms, Successful On Market Debut

The offerings mean three of the 13 medical marijuana producers licensed by regulator Health Canada are now public. Investors piled into the two stocks, pushing them well above their issued prices of 85 Canadian cents per share. Both retail and institutional investors are showing strong interest in the Canadian medical marijuana... more →
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Patients Benefit From Medical Marijuana But Stocks Are Limited

The Camden County girl hasn’t been able to say da-da, since she was a baby. Lately, shes been trying to feed herself, and has started interacting with others. For Tatyana’s parents, that’s worth fighting for. No one understands what it is we go through every day with my daughter, Ricardo Rivera, a surgical technologist... more →
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The Republican Liberty Caucus On Marijuana, Marriage

It was kind of what lead me to believe that if we started a liberty caucus here we have a chance at changing the Republican Party and reminding it of its roots, Cleghorn said of the vote. The Republican Party was built on the founding fathers belief of liberty and responsibility. For Cleghorn, and the liberty caucus, the federal... more →
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Many Passed Their Proposals For Medical Marijuana Cultivation Centers

A special use is required because the property at 23676 East 800 North Road in Downs is zoned for agriculture. A medical marijuana cultivation center is considered an agricultural processing facility,which requires a special use permit. According to plans filed with the McLean County Building and Zoning Department, the Downs facility... more →
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Marijuana, Marriage Included In The Republican Liberty Caucus

Teresa Cleghorn, who founded the Bexar County Republican Liberty Caucus six weeks ago, said the language was tossed out of the platform by a 60 percent vote from delegates who were opposed to medicinal cannabis. It was kind of what lead me to believe that if we started a liberty caucus here we have a chance at changing the Republican... more →
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