On List For Colorado Funds Is Fired UA Marijuana Researcher

A final decision will be made next month. For a list of all recommended marijuana research proposals, go here . From Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment: “Colorado is leading the way in devoting significant resources to study medical marijuana,” said Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director and chief... more →
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Medical Marijuana For Ptsd Patients Supporters Speak Their Minds

Mary’s Food Bank Thousands of families lined up for miles for a Thanksgiving meal at St. Mary’s Food Bank. Dozens of volunteers gave in a time of need. Thousands of families lined up for miles for a Thanksgiving meal at St. Mary’s Food Bank.Dozens of volunteers gave in a time of need. Mulch fire spreads smoke across... more →
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Medical Pot Supporters Share Strategy

A citizen initiative for a general election ballot measure in two years is likely the best avenue to make marijuana a legal medical drug in South Dakota, the effort’s leader says. The fact that 2016 is a presidential election year will mean a higher voter turnout, and a better chance of success, Emmett Reistroffer said during... more →
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The Durango Herald 11/23/2014 News Updates

So it’s hard to say what the odds are, whether its likely or not. Blumenauer is a strong advocate, so while we are certainly hopeful, its a complicated process. Pat Oglesby, tax lawyer and a former chief tax counsel for the Senate Finance Committee, said that a marijuana tax reform bill would need to be a part of a larger... more →
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Advocates Of Marijuana In Maine Think Maine Can Be First Northeastern State To Legalize Pot

Maine does have some competition to be first to legalize in the Northeast, as national advocates are also targeting Massachusetts for a potential referendum in 2016. State legislatures in Rhode Island and Vermont could also take up the issue next year. Outside the Northeast, national advocates are also pushing for popular ballot... more →
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Merry Marijuana: New Recreational Pot Industry Sets Eyes On Holiday Shoppers

“It just tastes too good, we had to do it,” Better Baked owner Deloise Vaden said of her company’s holiday line of cannabis-infused sweet-potato and pumpkin pies. HOLIDAY STRAINS Some shops are angling for high-end holiday shoppers, not an increase in foot traffic. Colorado Harvest and Evergreen Apothecary timed... more →
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News All Around Including Medical Pot New

The result is that many marijuana businesses, legal in Colorado and in a growing number of other states, pay an effective tax rate of 70 percent or more of their profits to the federal government. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., is the sponsor of the Small Business Tax Equity Act, which would exempt state-licensed marijuana businesses... more →
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Villa Park Board Give Thumbs-Down To Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s Zoning Request

I just see this is the same as having a Walgreens, even though we don’t like possibly what they’re selling, Bulthuis said. However, after hearing a strong negative response from residents, other village leaders questioned whether the dispensary was a good fit for Villa Park. I can see the relief side of it to help people,... more →
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