Marianne Yong, Owner Of Wholly Hemp Farm In Klamath Falls, Also Joined Medina As A Petitioner For Recreational Cannabis Sales.

Breaking Down The Regulatory Differences Among West Coast Cannabis Markets The next efforts to bring recreational cannabis sales to Klamath Falls city limits have begun. The Klamath Falls city recorder’s office released notice of a ballot title on Jan. 25, which addresses a measure that asks voters to allow recreational marijuana production and sales in the city, in addition to imposing a 3 percent tax on all marijuana sales. If approved, the measure would overturn a Sept. 21, 2015, ban on recreational marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers within city limits. The measure would not apply to other outlying areas of Klamath County, which fall under a separate moratorium on recreational pot. Ed Medina Jr., owner-operator of A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives in Klamath Falls, is the chief marijuana petitioner of the initiative. Marianne Yong, owner of Wholly Hemp Farm in Klamath Falls, also joined Medina as a petitioner for recreational cannabis sales. A prospective petition with the city was officially received on Jan. 18. Read the full story at the Herald and News .

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