Other Limited Clinical Trials Involving Cbd Have Explored The Drug’s Therapeutic Benefits For Pediatric Patients With Conditions Ranging From Anxiety To Movement Disorders To Inflammatory Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, And Cancer.

CBD can be extracted from hemp and sold as an oil. That’s what the pioneering Stanley Brothers of Boulder, Colo., did several years ago when they conceived and manufactured “Charlotte’s Web” — named after Charlotte Figi, a Colorado Springs girl with Dravet syndrome whose seizures dramatically decreased after using CBD. Until now, evidence of marijuana’s benefits for pediatric epilepsy patients has been largely anecdotal. The new CBD study, led by researchers at NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, is a hugely significant development because it uses the scientific gold standard of a randomized controlled trial. Other limited clinical trials involving CBD have explored the drug’s therapeutic benefits for pediatric patients with conditions ranging from anxiety to movement disorders to inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. My own interest in pediatric use of medicinal marijuana is more than academic. When my daughter, Veronica, fell ill in late spring of 2015 — unable to breathe normally, bedridden with chronic pain and fatigue — she saw dozens of specialists. Among those doctors was a leading neurologist at one of Denver’s most well-regarded hospitals who treated intractable cases. The various drugs prescribed to my daughter weren’t working and had awful side effects.

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