Some Reported That The Disruption Halted Business Altogether Since The First Of The Month; Others Reported That It Slowed Business Down Or Made Simple Tasks Cumbersome.

Now, pot proprietors report myriad, different issues with the Medical marijuana newly launched seed-to-sale system. Some have struggled to get logged in at all. Some growers say the system has been scrambling shipping orders, and sometimes automatically changing which store is supposed to receive the marijuana. Some store managers, meanwhile, say they have not been able to receive shipping manifests, and don’t feel comfortable buying wholesale pot without that required documentation. Some reported that the disruption halted business altogether since the first of the month; others reported that it slowed business down or made simple tasks cumbersome. “By and large, we just can’t get product right now. We’re basically selling off our back stock,” said Jason McKee, the General Manager of Ganja Goddess, a pot shop in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.  He said shelves are beginning to look more sparse, and if the technology issues don’t allow a fully-functioning wholesale market soon, some stores could face shortages.  Alex Cooley, the vice president of Solstice, a marijuana grow, said his company was having to re-label each plant with a new barcode because of technical issues. Officials with the state and MJ Freeway said that widespread bugs in the system have been fixed. “There was a legitimate issue with transfers in the system,” said Jeannette Horton, the vice president of Global Marketing & Communications for MJ Freeway. “That got resolved Monday.”  She said other problems stem from integration issues with third-party companies whose software connects with the Leaf Data System and is used by marijuana companies for internal tracking and bookkeeping. She said it was a priority to get that third-party software integrated.

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