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Marijuana supporters in Ohio still aim to make it legal

The push to legalize marijuana isn’t going away in Ohio.

Two medical-marijuana issues are proposed for the fall ballot, and the legislature is looking into legislation regarding potential medical uses for pot.

While no one is pitching a for-profit plan for recreational marijuana, as ResponsibleOhio did before Ohio voters dumped it last fall, there might be openings in the new proposals to turn marijuana into cash.

The Marijuana Policy Project, a Washington, D.C., group that has been instrumental in the passage of marijuana initiatives in other states, appears to have the proposal with the best organization and funding behind it. If approved, the initiative would allow about 215,000 patients with qualifying medical conditions to use marijuana as prescribed by a doctor; permit patients to grow marijuana for their own use, or buy it from retail dispensaries; restrict the use of marijuana in public places or while driving; and create a state Medical Marijuana Control Division to oversee the system. Ohio would join 23 other states with medical-marijuana laws or amendments in place.

To read more: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2016/03/07/the-push-for-legal-pot-remains-in-ohio.html

Report: Colorado pot sales top $1B in 2015

Schuyler Trowbridge keeps track of inventory at Green Tree Medicinals, 12626 N. 107th St. in Longmont last year.

Schuyler Trowbridge keeps track of inventory at Green Tree Medicinals, 12626 N. 107th St. in Longmont last year. (Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer)

Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion in 2015, according to a new report from cannabis investment firm the ArcView Group.

Estimates put the figure at $1.005 billion, up nearly 45 percent from about $700 million last year. Growth was primarily driven by recreational sales, which topped $600 million. Medicinal sales in the state came in just above $400 million.

Industry insiders had long predicted revenue would cross the $1 billion mark, though a sluggish end to the year was unanticipated.

“(The fourth quarter) did not continue the momentum of (the third quarter),” said Roy Bingham, founder and CEO of BDS Analytics, and industry data analysis firm in Boulder. “In fact, Q4 came in well below Q3, suggesting among other things that this is a more seasonal market than might have been expected.”.

To read more: http://www.dailycamera.com/boulder-business/ci_29465718/report-colorado-pot-sales-top-1b-2015

Medical Marijuana Analyst Coverage Commenced

PR Newswire

A large portion of the medical research going on is focused on the cannabinoids in Marijuana. There are 80+ of these cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and researchers think many of them may help medically with different things. MJNA services include development of cannabinoid based health and wellness products; and development of medical grade compounds; and licensing of proprietary testing, genetics, labeling and packaging, tracking, production, and standardization methods for the medicinal herb industry.

It also offers pre-and-post production tracking, gemplasm references, and packaging and processing services. These products are often expensive companies making tinctures, capsules or creams infused with CBD-rich hemp must import the plant from outside the U.S.

It’s a process that is, not surprisingly, strictly regulated (translation: costly). But the market for these types of legal alternatives to marijuana may be growing. HempMeds which makes CBD infused products says they sell about $1 million in products each month.

To read more, visit http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/medical-marijuana-analyst-coverage-initiated-brief-report-by-brokerbank-securities-inc-429019938.html

Minnesota Will Host Medical Marijuana Meet-up

But interest was so high that the Minnesota Department of Health had to move Fridays meeting to a larger venue. Many of the states proposed rules for manufacturers pertain to security. Those rules could require manufacturers to alert the health commissioner before each and every shipment to a distribution center.

You’re dealing with a cash crop, folks. People are going to want to get at it, Munson-Regala said. You’re going to want to figure out a way to prevent that from happening. The new Office of Medical Cannabis aims to register two manufacturers each supplying four distribution centers across Minnesota by December, and make medical marijuana available to patients starting July 1, 2015.

To read more, visit http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2014/08/08/state-hosts-medical-marijuana-meet-up/

Instead Of Banning, Council Might Extend Moratorium On Medical Reefer

The city’s current moratorium was set to expire Sept. 24. On Monday, the City Council accepted a committee report on the extension. It will be presented before the Council Sept. 15. The City has repeatedly said they hoped the legislature would take action on the issue of medical marijuana, providing direction and regulation to cities in the same way they handled recreational marijuana, but that did not happen in the past session. Councilman Ed Prince, who heads the Planning and Community Development Committee said the lack of regulation and direction forces cities to be the “bad guy.” “We’re just kind of out here hanging in the wind,” Prince said at a committee meeting.

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