We Were Attracted To Nemus Based On The Vision And Progress Achieved By The Management Team, As Well As The Companys Strategic Relationship With The University Of Mississippi And The Associated Intellectual Capital That Collaboration Provides.

An affiliate of Schneider Brothers Ltd has entered into a guaranty to the benefit of the Company that guarantees the payment of the $20,000,000 investment. We are grateful to have this significant investment from Schneider Brothers,” stated Cosmas N. Lykos, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Nemus. With its global presence, vast resources and long-term approach to investing, we believe that Schneider Brothers is the ideal investment partner for Nemus. Together with Schneider Brothers, we look forward to utilizing this cash infusion to execute on our strategic initiatives and increase shareholder value. John A. Corky Severson, Director and Partner for Schneider Brothers stated, Our investment firm views the cannabinoid therapeutic space as a transformative and disruptive opportunity in drug development. We were attracted to Nemus based on the vision and progress achieved by the management team, as well as the Companys strategic relationship with the University of Mississippi and the associated intellectual capital that collaboration provides. We believe that there is significant value in Nemus and we look forward to unlocking the true potential of the product pipeline. This Series E round completes our financing strategy that was announced at the end of 2016 and the proceeds will enable us to now focus on advancing the pipeline across multiple, potential indications, stated Brian Murphy, M.D., C.E.O. and Chief Medical Officer of Nemus.

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