We’ll Smoke While We Clean Up.’ No, We’re Picking Up Garbage, Said One Volunteer .

Cover of this issue of The Stranger Volunteers say its the stigma of marijuana that informed PennDOTs decision more than anything else. “We’re not saying, ‘Come out here and smoke. We’ll smoke while we clean up.’ No, we’re picking up garbage,” said one volunteer . Coffins: Dont Put Your Weed in There Border Patrol Agents found 67 pounds of marijuana concealed within a coffin inside a hearse, heading towardsyou guessed it: Tombstone, Arizona. Stop the PressesMiley Cyrus has Quit Smoking Weed! She joins Woody Harrelson , Mark Wahlberg, Neil Young, and Natalie Portman on the list of celebrity quitters . How is Cyrus dealing with being weed-free so far? Pretty well ! It’s been three Medical marijuana weeks! I fucking hate it when people cant adjust. I used to [resist changing].

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