22 Traffic Stop, Nine Days Before Jan.

He said he’s asked to meet with Allman to discuss it. “Here in Mendocino, marijuana has been such a dominant topic and a lot of people including me wish it could be normalized and be part of the economy, like the wine industry,” Hamburg said. “And this (case) takes us further from that rather than closer to it.” Old Kai’s business license, stamped with a county seal, did not stop law enforcement from taking the truck with its marijuana load during the Dec. 22 traffic stop, nine days before Jan. 1 when hundreds of companies, including Old Kai, received temporary California cannabis business licenses. State licenses offer an entirely new certificate of legitimacy previously unavailable for businesses in California, which in 1996 became the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana’s use for medicinal reasons. Only now, more than two decades later, has the state begun to formulate regulations for all aspects of the industry, from seed to sale. But traffic stop last month on the Old Kai truck came at a time of transition, when many cities and counties across the state were issuing local permits and licenses for medical marijuana businesses in advance of the state, including Santa Rosa which issued its first cannabis permit — for businesses other than dispensaries — in 2016. Mendocino County began giving cultivators permits mid-2017 and began issuing permits and licenses for other types of businesses, such as distributors, after the Board of Supervisors passed its cannabis business ordinance in November.

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