A Spokeswoman For Governor Charlie Baker, A Republican, Underscored That The Federal Government Has Not Issued Any Formal Changes To Its Policy On Marijuana.

A spokeswoman for Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, underscored that the federal government has not issued any formal changes to its policy on marijuana. But she said the voters of Massachusetts have spoken on this issue when they approved recreational use in November, and emphasized the Baker administration will continue to work to move forward with the new law. Meanwhile, members of the growing marijuana industry expressed alarm at Spicers remarks. Anytime the White House press secretary says that the Justice Department is going to start targeting your industry, of course you worry, said Kris Krane, president of 4Front Ventures, a Boston firm that consults with and operates medical cannabis businesses. What that statement means, I dont really know. Nobody really knows. But something is coming, Krane said. It could be straightforward, or it could be devastating to legalization states. Olivia Mannix, chief executive of the Denver marijuana marketing firm Cannabrand, said Spicers comments sent shock waves through the pot industry. Its absurd. For a president who ran under the banner of job creation, he needs Green Rush to look at where jobs are being created in this country. Marijuana has generated billions of dollars, said Mannix, whose firm works with dispensaries and marijuana product companies.

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