Additional Opportunity In Mining Platinex Also Offers Investors An Opportunity In The Mining Sector Through Its Shining Tree And Other Gold And Platinum Assets Located Throughout Canada.

While many companies are focused on obtaining cultivation licenses, the company’s management team believes that there’s a much larger opportunity in becoming a leading online destination for consumers to purchase legal equipment — such as vaporizers, grinders or soil enhancers and security systems. Canada’s cannabis industry is expected to reach $12.7 to $22.6 billion in size over the coming years, according to Deloitte analysts. The base retail market could be worth as much as $8.7 billion per year, while cultivators, infused product makers, testing labs, and security firms could realize the balance of the market size. These estimates don’t include ancillary markets — such as consumer products or paraphernalia — that could make the market even larger. Additional Opportunity in Mining Platinex also offers investors an opportunity in the mining sector through its Shining Tree and other gold and platinum assets located throughout Canada. With an experienced management team at the helm, the company is well-positioned to continue executing on these projects and build long-term value for shareholders. Platinex President & CEO James R. Trusler has over 50 years of experience in Canada’s mining and exploration industry. In the 1980s, Mr. Trusler was instrumental in Teck Resources Ltd.’s acquisition of a gold prospect in the Hemlo area of Ontario. The area eventually included two Medical marijuana of Canada’s largest gold mines that contributed up to 60% of Teck’s operating profits from 1985 until it sold the interest in 2009 and facilitated its growth into a major.

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