Alaska Groups Give Free Cannabis To Severely Ill, Veterans – Veterans – Stripes

Now, the groups members are communicating with each other independently of the founders, Tara said. Such was the case with Dakota Davis. Davis received his first free cannabis from a stranger who responded to his post. Davis, 26, said that he had avoided marijuana after being honorably discharged from the Navy due to Crohns disease. He had never really used cannabisand didnt like the idea of getting marijuana from this black market thing. Through the advice of a business professor, he got connected with the Alaska Green Angels. These guys have been helping me out tremendously, Davis said. He says he uses cannabis to alleviate nausea brought on by chemotherapy he undergoes for Crohns. He also uses it in place of opiates, which he said negatively affect his mood. Its not a cure-all, Davis said, but it really improves my quality of life. The group insists their cannabis products are always free of charge.

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