(ap Photo/richard Vogel,file) Tallahassee, Fla.

This year is poised to be a big one for legalized marijuana, with California and other states that recently approved recreational pot coming online. Yet uncertainty Green Rush over the Trump administration’s intents toward pot enforcement has created at least partial paralysis in those states on public consumption, licensing and other issues. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel,File) TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) Rules to enact Floridas medical marijuana amendment went up in smoke on Friday after the Legislature failed to pass a bill. The House and Senate agreed on most key parts of a bill putting rules in place for Amendment 2. But it collapsed on Friday when the chambers could not agree on the number of retail dispensaries that a medical marijuana treatment center can operate The House voted 99-16 on a bill with the amended language (HB 1397) that put the limit at 100 per treatment center but the Senate did not take it up. It will now be up to the Department of Health to come up with rules for patients, caregivers, doctors and treatment centers by July 3 and have them implemented by October. STORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON

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