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Legislation to study medical marijuana limits for drivers

A bill passed through the House in late April would study potential blood level limits for a driver with a medical marijuana card.

House Bill 5024 would authorize a commission to study and recommend a THC limit that would constitute impaired driving, much like the .08 blood alcohol content established as a threshold for drunken driving. THC is the component responsible for marijuana’s effects.

Rep. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Township, said the bill addresses issues that have arisen since voters approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008.

The law shields medical marijuana patients from prosecution for drugged driving as long as they aren’t under the influence of marijuana, but there’s no blood level threshold defining what constitutes “under the influence.”

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Orlando Lawyer Preaches To The Choir On Medical Marijuana

KISSIMMEE (NSF) – Attorney John Morgan brought his medical-marijuana crusade to the nation’s premiere cannabis business trade show Tuesday, captivating a roomful of believers before passing around the collection plate for his cause.

Morgan — a self-described “salty-tongued” speaker and a devout Catholic — peppered his 50-minute speech with f-bombs, attacks on the Florida Legislature and a declaration that the future of medical marijuana has reached a “tipping point” in Florida and the nation.

“There is no state in the union that is more ready for this industry than this state,” Morgan said, before closing his speech with a prayer from Mother Teresa and a standing ovation.

The Orlando trial lawyer, whose visage is plastered on billboards across the country and whose trademark “for the people” motto has become inextricably linked with Morgan, has already spent at least $7.5 million of his and his law firm’s money on the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

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Toronto in a haze over medical marijuana dispensaries

Toronto lawmakers watching medical marijuana shops pop up “like crocuses in spring” are hoping for signals from Ottawa on how to deal with the onslaught.

“We need a sign from the federal government — are they going to change the rules around medical marijuana? Should we as council be trying to close these clinics altogether or make new rules around where they can go, how close they can be to each other?” asked Councillor Paula Fletcher.

“We’ve been caught by surprise by the proliferation of these shops. People don’t like to wake up and find they live in one big marijuana dispensary and I don’t blame them.”

Star reporters last week visited dispensaries where clients are required to show a prescription and others where a conversation with a “health professional” is enough to walk out with a bag of pot.

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Scottsdale may tighten medical-marijuana rules

The clock is ticking for ailing Iowans who want the state Legislature to expand access to medical marijuana, and they may be running out of time.

Activists for medical cannabis issued an 11th-hour plea for help on Tuesday, just one day after theIowa House defeated a Republican-backed bill aimed at accessing marijuana oil in Minnesota and other states and bringing it back to Iowa.

But two key Republican lawmakers signaled it may be too late to revive the issue with the 2016 session nearing adjournment. Rep. Dave Heaton, R-Mount Pleasant, chairman of a House health and human services budget subcommittee, said medical marijuana legislation is probably dead for this year, primarily because it lacks a legislative vehicle to advance it. Most budget bills have already advanced to House-Senate conference committees where new language can’t be introduced, he said.

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Detroit medical marijuana shops sprout like weeds near the suburbs

A new zoning law and suburban customer base are pushing medical marijuana dispensaries to the fringes of Detroit.

About 250 dispensaries have applied to operate under the new zoning law in Detroit, and an analysis shows clusters of retail medical marijuana shops operating along Eight Mile Road and the east side of Detroit, bordering Ferndale, Hazel Park, Eastpointe, Harper Woods and the Grosse Pointes.

“If you’re looking for honey, where are all the bees?” said Grosse Pointe Park attorney Tim Dinan of Dinan and Associates PC, who represents both medical marijuana caregivers and patients. “The bees are in the suburbs.”

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UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Tuesday he is open to the legalization of medical marijuana in Mexico and that his government would announce new measures in the coming days.

“I am giving voice to those who have (in public forums) expressed the necessity of changing the regulatory framework to authorize the use of marijuana for medical and scientific purposes,” Pena Nieto said in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Speaking at a special session where world leaders gathered to rethink global strategy in the war on drugs for the first time in two decades, Pena Nieto said drug use should be addressed as a “public health problem” and users should not be criminalized.

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Medical marijuana’s colorful spectrum guides patents

Each medical marijuana company in New York is allowed to produce up to five different strains of the drug. The oils, tinctures and capsules are generally labeled by different colors or brand names, and, in some cases, both.

Vireo Health of New York, for instance, uses a red, yellow and green traffic-signal-like system for three of its strains. Below is some information about the broad spectrum of marijuana-based drugs based on that traffic signal system:

Red – Has the highest amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient that produces the euphoric “high” feeling. These high-THC strains are being used as pain relievers, appetite stimulants and sleep aids, as well as treatments for other symptoms of cancer and neuropathy patients.

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State mulls medical marijuana legislation

It’s not a question of if, but when medical marijuana will be allowed in Pennsylvania.

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania could be voted on soon by the state Senate, which has approved medical marijuana before. The state House also gave the green light to the practice, most recently in a March 149-43 vote of support.

Gov. Tom Wolf has said he will sign medical marijuana into law once a bill is on his desk. He can’t do that until the House and Senate pass the same legislation, the sticking point that has delayed Pennsylvania from joining more than 20 other states in legalizing medical marijuana.

The Senate has held off on voting on the bill to review it and determine whether to make amendments.

The House’s bill would enable the state to license up to 25 growers and twice as many dispensaries. The eligible conditions — there are 17 — in the bill include cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It could be taken in pills, oils and vaporized forms, but smokable medical marijuana would not be allowed.



Easter Egg Hunt Disturbance Leads To Big Pot Bust

A family-friendly Easter event took a wrong turn in a suburban neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington.

During an Easter egg hunt Saturday, a man ran toward the crowd, screaming that his roommates were going to shoot him. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded and learned the root of the problem was a large, unlicensed marijuana sale.

After getting a search warrant, deputies found over 45 pounds of processed marijuana and over $108,000 of suspected drug proceeds. Officials believe that the marijuana was going to be delivered across the U.S.

Three men were arrested at the scene — two for outstanding drug warrants in Missouri and the third on charges of possession with intent to sell.

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Marijuana supporters in Ohio still aim to make it legal

The push to legalize marijuana isn’t going away in Ohio.

Two medical-marijuana issues are proposed for the fall ballot, and the legislature is looking into legislation regarding potential medical uses for pot.

While no one is pitching a for-profit plan for recreational marijuana, as ResponsibleOhio did before Ohio voters dumped it last fall, there might be openings in the new proposals to turn marijuana into cash.

The Marijuana Policy Project, a Washington, D.C., group that has been instrumental in the passage of marijuana initiatives in other states, appears to have the proposal with the best organization and funding behind it. If approved, the initiative would allow about 215,000 patients with qualifying medical conditions to use marijuana as prescribed by a doctor; permit patients to grow marijuana for their own use, or buy it from retail dispensaries; restrict the use of marijuana in public places or while driving; and create a state Medical Marijuana Control Division to oversee the system. Ohio would join 23 other states with medical-marijuana laws or amendments in place.

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