Btw, College Students These Days Say: “wwad” First, Even Granting The Methodology Was Proper, I Am Not Sure How Much Academic Performance In The Netherlands Transfers To The Us.

And that would be all to the good. Disturbing, but the quotation from the study Abstract is misleading. It fails to note that the study included only citizens of the Netherlands attending a single institution who were denied access to legal pot (how hard can it be to obtain “illegal” pot in Maastricht?). That’s a pretty shaky basis for broad conclusions. Although further study is clearly called for, this one looks like a candidate for the Journal of Irreproducible Results. Stoners don’t do well in school. If you want to do well in school, you have to stay sober and study hard. BTW, college students these days say: “WWAD” First, even granting the methodology was proper, I am not sure how much academic performance in the Netherlands transfers to the US. Second, considering the state of college-level education in the US, I think coasting through the required courses on social justice, white privilege, toxic masculinity and microaggressions completely baked might just be the wisest course of action. 1) There is no legal weed.

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