City Councils Across The Country Are Beginning To Push Bold New Measures That Sidestep State And Federal Laws.

A $75 fine would be a welcome change and would show that Atlanta is yet another in a long list of cities attempting to restore sanity to drug sentencing. The War on Drugs and Racism Between 2014 and 2016, 92 percent of those arrested for marijuana possession within Atlanta city limits were black, according to City Councilman Kwanza Hall. Current legislation is designed to reduce racial policing issues and lessen incarceration of blacks for nonviolent offenses. 04_29_Weed_City_01 More A woman from Seattle smokes a joint at the DOPE Cup, a cannabis competition in Portland, Oregon, October 4, 2015. Liz Wolfe writes that from Atlanta to Nashville and Pittsburgh, local lawmakers are decriminalizing weed. Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty As marijuana becomes increasingly accepted, Atlantas arrest demographics look unsettling compared to the rest of the country. Thankfully, if the city council alters these needlessly punitive laws, policing in Atlanta has the opportunity to change for the better. Don’t miss: Sean Spicer’s Best Moments Are Also His Worst Atlanta is no outlier in pursuing this change at the local level. City councils across the country are beginning to push bold new measures that sidestep state and federal laws. Of course, this creates obvious conflict between city, state and federal Marijuana Stocks lawmakers which will need to be sorted out by the courts.

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