David Lewis Of Harnett County Did Not Return An Email And Phone Call Friday Seeking Comment.

The House bill was shelved on Feb. 27 in the rules committee where it remained stuck. A Senate companion bill later met the same fate. Sen. Terry Van Duyn was a companion bill sponsor. Chuck Edwards, a Hendersonville Republican whose senate district covers part of South Asheville and Buncombe, was not. “Committees have shut down on the Senate side, which means no new bills will be coming to the floor,” Van Duyn said Thursday. “There are exceptions, of course, for stuff they want to slip by us, but nothing progressive would fall into that category.” House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. David Lewis of Harnett County did not return an email and phone call Friday seeking comment. Commenting on a similar bill in 2016 Lewis didn’t rule out Republican backing for the legislation. “I think there are many members of the House that are keenly aware of the challenges that terminally ill patients face and the dangers of many of the synthetic drugs that are out there,” Lewis told the Carolina Journal.

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