Everyone Passes: Some Washington Pot-testing Labs Have Suspicious Results, Says Scientist | The Seattle Times

Under state law, LCB regulators dont oversee labs to the same degree they do licensed pot businesses, which LCB agents inspect and test through secret shopper investigations employing underage buyers. Violations by licensees have led to warnings, fines, suspensions and cancellations of licenses. Instead the LCB uses a third party, the RJ Lee Group, to certify the labs and then periodically recertify them after an audit. That process has shortcomings, some say. Luce of GOAT Labs calls it a joke. Related video: Testing cannabis Cameron Miller explains what Bellevue laboratory The WERC Shop looks for in cannabis testing. Miller, the labs director of analytical services and quality assurance, runs up to 100 samples a day. (Corinne Chin / The Seattle Times) Labs are certified for having the proper personnel, equipment and methods. But whats lacking, according to lab executives and experts, are proficiency tests. Such tests would give labs samples of products about which key contents are known. The labs would then test them and if their results were not close enough to the known totals, then those labs certification might be in jeopardy.

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