Ex-law Enforcers Transition From War On Drugs To Medical Marijuana’s Big-business Prospects – News – Journal Star – Peoria, Il

But industry members in Illinois and beyond say the state is unusual in the degree to which former law enforcement officers are not just working security but taking hands-on roles with patients and leading businesses even with the uncertain future of a four-year pilot program that expires in 2017 and has received lukewarm support from first-term Gov. Bruce Rauner. Many have had a late-stage transformation, coming to see the drug less as a societal harm and more as good public policy and good business. There’s likely no better example than Terrance Gainer, a former Chicago homicide detective, Illinois State Police director, assistant police chief in Washington, D.C., U.S. Capitol police chief and U.S. Senate sergeant-at-arms. After some initial reluctance, the 68-year-old said he was swayed in part by “the sea change in society and our attitudes” toward the drug and the possibility of big business. He advises Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries on its security needs, has worked with prospective marijuana-business owners in Florida and New York and testified in support of the industry before Maryland lawmakers. “The business people involved in this are very serious about their investments,” he said.

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