Growers, Like All Other Agricultural Producers, Now Face A Regulatory Structure They May Not Have Dealt With Before.

Pyrethins are a mixture of six chemicals that are toxic to insects, according to the National Pesticide Information Center based Marijuana Stocks at Oregon State University. Pyrethins are found in some chrysanthemum flowers, and in some cases can be used on organic products. The recall points out some of the complications that accompany the legalization of recreational cannabis. Growers, like all other agricultural producers, now face a regulatory structure they may not have dealt with before. Pesticide use has been particularly thorny, because the federal government still considers cannabis illegal and has not established allowable tolerances of pesticides in pot. As a result, states that have legalized cannabis are figuring it out themselves. Oregon tests cannabis for 59 active ingredients. Its a big struggle, for sure, said Sunny Jones, cannabis policy coordinator for the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The Oregon Health Authority oversees medical marijuana, OLCC oversees recreational marijuana, and ODA regulates aspects that range from food safety regarding cannabis edibles to pesticides, water quality issues and commercial scales used to weigh the product. The recalled pot was grown by Emerald Wave Estate, based in Creswell, Ore., and sold at Buds 4 U in Mapleton, a small town west of Eugene.

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