He Says That Hesees Three Main Areas For Congressional Action On Marijuana Reform, Though He Notes That It’s Less Likely To Come As Standalone Legislation, But Would Rather Be Tacked On To Other Larger Legislative Packages: First, Blumenauer Has Introduced Bipartisan Legislationwith Rep.

Google Play “The long term is clear. I’ve stated and I strongly believe in five years every state will be able to treat marijuana like it treats alcohol.” Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, though Oregon is one of the eight states that have legalized it and allowed commercial sale. Blumenauer marijuana has championed the emerging industry in Washington and introduced bipartisan legislation to tax and regulate marijuana at the federal level, remove obstacles to research, and ensure safe access for medical patients. Despite the ” sometimes confusing signals ” coming from the Trump administration, Blumenauersaid that “we will ultimately be successful working with this administration” on marijuana reform. He says that hesees three main areas for Congressional action on marijuana reform, though he notes that it’s less likely to come as “standalone” legislation, but would rather be tacked on to other larger legislative packages: First, Blumenauer has introduced bipartisan legislationwith Rep. Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican, to eliminate federal roadblocks to researching marijuana. Because of marijuana’s Schedule I status, it’s difficult for scientists to access quality samples and obtain grants to research. Second, Blumenauersaid that he introduced legislation”ending the punitive taxation” for marijuana businesses with Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a Florida Republican. There’s a section of the tax code, 280E , that disallows state-legal marijuana businesses from fully deducting expenses, because of the conflict between state and federal law.

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