Hemp Cultivation Legal In Nevada As Of Jan 1, 2016 – Yahoo Finance

Hemp, Inc., for example, could possibly provide hemp seed to farmers.” The NV Department of Agriculture requires any hemp research project to use certified seed in which Hemp, Inc. could be the potential supplier. Per the NV Department of Agriculture, “A certified hemp research project must use certified seed. An applicant may request that the Department import certified seed. If the Department agrees to request the importation of seed, the applicant agrees that: the Department is not liable for and does not warrant that the seed is fit for any purpose; the applicant will pay in advance 100% of the costs associated with the importation of such seed, plus $1.00 per pound of seed; and, any seed that is not used will become the property of the Department without charge or reimbursement required.” Aside from possibly supplying certified seed to growers in Nevada, there are potentially many more opportunities for Hemp, Inc. ( OTC PINK : HEMP ) in the state of Nevada since hemp cultivation has been legalized. “Whether we end up growing industrial hemp, joint venturing, funding, producing hemp fiber with our portable decorticating machines, producing CBD’s, or engaging in any other possible, profitable business venture, Hemp, Inc. is already positioned to be the driving force and avant garde of the industrial hemp movement in our corporate headquarters state of Nevada, as 2016 progresses.” “Even though Hemp, Inc.’s direction has shifted towards more advanced processing in the milling line with its multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in Spring Hope, North Carolina , the company is one of the best sources for premium hemp materials,” noted Perlowin. A leader in the industrial hemp industry, Perlowin was recently honored with the Jack Herer Cannabis Hemp Award in recognition of Hemp, Inc.’s “Major Achievement in the Hemp Industry”. Producer and Co-Creator of the Jack Herer Cannabis Awards, Michael Whalen, recognized Perlowin and Hemp, Inc. as having a major impact within the industrial hemp industry as one of a handful of people paving the way for others “as this multi-billion dollar industry unfolds after being suppressed for decades.” The awards ceremony was held to not only benefit and bring awareness to the hemp industry, but awareness to the industry in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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