Her Love And Passion For This Incredible Plant Is Ingrained In 3d At Every Level, From Seed To Sale, Its Website Promises.

So was Sean Azzariti , a Marine Corps veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress order a condition that is still not covered under Colorado’s medical marijuana regulations. He made the first legal purchase at 3D. Toni Fox making the first sale to Sean Azzariti. Brandon Marshall But Fox no longer owns this dispensary, although she still has a 3D store in Salida . “Her love and passion for this incredible plant is ingrained in 3D at every level, from seed to sale,” its website promises. “When customers step inside a 3D Cannabis Center they are bearing witness to the realization of Tonis lifelong dream of legal, safe, high quality cannabis. Related Stories Social Consumption Group Debates Alcohol, Smoking Indoors and Locations When customers step inside the building at 4305 Brighton Boulevard today, they’ll be walking into the second Denver location of Euflora , whose flagship dubbed the “Apple store” of dispensaries is on the 16th Street Mall; Euflora has two more locations in Aurora. The transition shows just how much this industry has changed since that first sale, as mini-chains grow and mom-and-pop shops refocus. It Marijuana Stocks also shows how much public and political awareness of cannabis has changed.

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