Here Are The Key Changes Proposed.

McGuires bill expands those prohibitions to include any similar sounding Medical marijuana name that is likely to mislead consumers as to the origin of the product. A similar battle was fought several years ago by the wine industry and it was resolved by legislation that prevented individuals and corporations from making marketing claims that werent true, or what we call alternative facts these days, McGuire said. This legislation is all about truth in labeling. Where it stands: Introduced Jan. 23; waiting to be assigned to a committee, with action expected on or after Feb. 23 Read the full bill and track it: Assembly Bill 64 Whos behind it: Assemblymen Rob Bonta, D-Oakland; Ken Cooley, D-Rancho Cordova; Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles; Tom Lackey, R-Palmdale; and Jim Wood, D-Healdsburg What it would do: Reconcile some of the differences between the states medical marijuana reform signed into law in 2015 and Prop. 64. Here are the key changes proposed. Allows businesses and collectives to operate as either for-profit or nonprofit entities. But if a collective chooses to try and make money, the bill clarifies theyre only protected if they have a state sellers permit and a valid local license. Lets dispensary or retailers sell either through a storefront or without one, giving delivery services a legal path forward.

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