His Father’s Grown The Plant, And Broomfield Has Worked Toward Bringing Marijuana From Illegality Toward The Gray Market, And Ultimately To The Regulated Marketplace.

“It’s huge.” Broomfield, of Mendocino, said he’s been part of the cannabis industry his entire life. His father’s grown the plant, and Broomfield has worked toward bringing marijuana from illegality toward the gray market, and ultimately to the regulated marketplace. But while both Nevada and California have legalized marijuana, plenty of restrictions remain. Nevada customers must use cash to buy cannabis. Also, no public consumption is allowed. Additionally, it remains against federal law to take it from one state to another. “It could be considered trafficking a Schedule I controlled substance across state lines,” advised California attorney Melissa Sanchez. “I definitely would advise people strongly not to do that.” Pretty soon, recreational users won’t have to visit Nevada to buy cannabis. “It’s probably the most regulated industry in Nevada,” said Weatherhead, holding up the eighth-of-an-ounce he bought Green Rush for $50.

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