I Wasnt Sleeping For Several Months; I Now Sleep Every Night.

Richard Halstead Id like to take this opportunity to thank the supervisors for putting the brakes on cultivation and sale of recreational marijuana in the county, Klausner said. Klausner fears that if Forest Knolls Wellness were to get approval to open Medical marijuana stocks its medical cannabis dispensary, it would later begin selling nonmedical cannabis from the same location. Marin cities and towns decided long ago not to allow medical marijuana, and they will most likely ban sale of recreational marijuana, Klausner said. Its an herb that has been vilified and needs to be thought of differently. Its no different than drinking a cup of hibiscus tea, said Patrick Fasano, the owner of Focus Opticians in San Anselmo. Fasano credited marijuana with helping him regain his appetite when he was gravely ill. Lee Marken, 87, who lives at Smith Ranch Homes in San Rafael, said when she was younger working as Marin Countys drug administrator, she was against marijuana totally. If you had asked my opinion, I would have gotten rid of it, Marken said. Less harmful Today, however, Marken says she regularly uses cannabis to manage pain and she says, Im not ashamed. I had pain in my leg for 30 years; I dont have pain in my leg anymore, Marken said. I wasnt sleeping for several months; I now sleep every night. Marken said previously she was taking prescription painkillers such as OxyContin and morphine for her pain.

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