In Its 2015 Platform, The Governing Liberal Party Pledged To Create New, Stronger Laws To Punish More Severely Those Who Provide It To Minors, Those Who Operate A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence, And Those Who Sell It Outside The New Regulatory Framework. The Kind Of Recreational Use To Be Allowed Is What Trudeau Confessed To Before The Last Election.

does regular traffic stops Green Rush for drunk drivers, there will be penalties for driving while high. In its 2015 platform, the governing Liberal Party pledged to “create new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who provide it to minors, those who operate a motor vehicle under the influence, and those who sell it outside the new regulatory framework.” The kind of recreational use to be allowed is what Trudeau confessed to before the last election. He and friends lit up a joint at home after a dinner party, once the kids had been put to bed. A trio of companies expecting to sell cannabis — Canopy Growth Corp., CannTrust, Inc., and Tilray Canada, Inc. — recently called on the government to allow marijuana to be packaged with logos and colorful lettering. Related Stories Colorado set to prohibit marijuana co-op growing operations “Packaging debates are often driven by public health concerns but in order to develop well-rounded public policy, rules surrounding packaging and in-store promotion must take into account the current status of the large, illegal cannabis black market and the harms it causes youth and society more generally,” said their letter. “Therefulre, there must be allowances for branding as well as for in-store advertising of cannabis products to ensure that consumers who have already self-selected to enter a legal cannabis retailer will be well-informed about the products they are purchasing.” Or as the Globe and Mail put it bluntly: “A key argument for the licensed producers is that they have to create a product that can compete with the black market that sells illegally harvested marijuana.” The legalization of marijuana in the Great White North is rooted in two considerations. Canada’s criminal laws are massively flaunted. 4/20 is just one manifestation. “B.C. Bud” has become British Columbia’s most profitable outside crop, outside the law. It has won international competitions in The Netherlands. The second is that organized crime has moved in.

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