“it Was A Very Different Strategy Than A Lot Of Other Communities,” Proakis Said At The Public Hearing.

Seventy percent of participating voters voted in favor of the law and now, two years later, things are moving forward. Ahead of the suspected recreation this coming summer, the Board of Aldermen is discussing potential zoning changes for retail. At a special meeting of the Land Use Committee on Tuesday night, Director of Planning George Proakis proposed an amendment to place a “study time period” on the implications of recreational marijuana, similar to the process of adopting legalized medical marijuana. “It was Green Rush a very different strategy than a lot of other communities,” Proakis said at the public hearing. “I was very happy with the way the process turned out the conversation and the opportunity to kind of figure out why and how and under what circumstances we wanted to do this.” The administration said they hope to hold similar conversations in regards to incorporating recreational marijuana, and for that reason, Proakis suggested extending the conversation until December 2018, which the Planning Board approved and recommended to the board. It’s clear Somerville wants to move forward with this idea, Proakis continued, and the challenge is to figure out the best way to move the process along. The Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) would then return to the board with suggestions. At the moment, said Ward 6 Alderman and Chair of the Land Use Committee Lance Davis, there is no proposed zoning change specific to recreational cannabis, but they will look at what ordinances and regulations might be needed. Proakis said the department will continue taking public comment before drafting a potential amendment.

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