It’s America.” Other Supporters Of Legalized Marijuana We Found Admitted They Had Some Reservations, But Ultimately Still Thought New York Should Go Ahead And Change The Law.

But some lawmakers think that’s close to changing. It is legal in eight states, nationwide, plus the District of Columbia.  We spoke with several people on the streets of Monroe County, and found it difficult to find anybody to go on camera, and Medical marijuana stocks say they think recreational marijuana should stay illegal. Some lawmakers are confident that New York is close to joining the group of eight states where it is legalized. “Marijuana has been around a long time. It doesn’t really cause any bad effects,” Reuben Granger of Rochester told us. “Up to a certain amount, you should be able to do what you want to do. It’s America.” Other supporters of legalized marijuana we found admitted they had some reservations, but ultimately still thought New York should go ahead and change the law. For example, Randi Barrell told us, “I think it should be legalized recreationally, but also alcohol is legal and it comes with problems as well.” “It impacts peoples’ patterns of behavior and ability to manage and function,” said Laura Lemmey, who told us she thinks it would be safer if officials were able to regulate the drug. Both Granger and Barrell said they think it will eventually be legalized. If it’s a question of when, the answer may lie somewhere in the Javits Center, in New York City. That’s where two New York State Legislators pushing legalized recreational marijuana made their case.

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