Johnson Told The Free Press On Friday That He Sold His Stake In The Lobbying Firm To His Partner, Former Speaker Of The House Lew dodak.

The licensing board will be responsible for acting on recommendations from the state Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department on who will get the lucrative licenses to grow, transport, test and sell medical marijuana. It’s an industry that’s expected to explode in coming years. Last year, the marijuana industry saw $6.8 billion in sales nationwide for both recreational and medicinal marijuana and is projected to grow to $21.6 billion by 2021, according to Arcview Market Research, a California-based company that tracks the marijuana industry. In Michigan, medical marijuana revenues are estimated at more than $700 million. If full legalization of marijuana is approved by voters in the state, those revenues are expected to grow to well over $1 billion a year. An effort has begun to collect the necessary 252,523 petition signatures to put full legalization of marijuana for recreational use on the 2018 ballot.    How Michigan could make millions off marijuana The Free Press reported in March that the prospect of the booming medical marijuana business was causing a torrent of lobbying and cash directed at Lansing lawmakers as they crafted the bills that regulated and taxed the industry. Johnson, a lobbyist since 2005, worked on the medical marijuana legislation though he said he had no paying client. At the time of his nomination, Johnson was also negotiating the sale of his stake in the lobbying firm, Dodak Johnson & Associates, to a lobbyist for the medical marijuana industry, raising concerns about whether industry lobbyists could seek to curry favor with Johnson through the price paid for the stake in the firm. Johnson told the Free Press on Friday that he sold his stake in the lobbying firm to his partner, former Speaker of the House Lew Dodak. Under state law, active lobbyists are ineligible for appointment to the state’s medical marijuana licensing board. Johnson dropped his lobbyist registration on Nov.

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