Kotchey, Makes It Very Difficult For A Patient To Find A Doctor.

LXWeed0217_1 The advertising ban, said Ms. Kotchey, makes it very difficult for a patient to find a doctor. I understand what theyre going for because they dont want abuse to happen, said Dr. Doner, who is medical director of the wound and hyperbaric center at ACMH Hospital in Kittanning and is board certified in emergency medicine. But when patients cant find the doctors who are willing to certify them then the program cannot be as successful as it could be. Divisions remain within the medical profession about the efficacy of medical marijuana and physicians role in providing access to it, primarily because of the lack of scientific evidence of its benefits and risks. Yet because the federal government considers it an illegal substance, no federally funded research is likely. Among his own colleagues, Dr. Doner said, I have some who are super intrigued, others who shake their heads and say they dont buy it, and a bunch who are in the middle. His own research leaves him comfortable with medical marijuanas safety when provided in a controlled, standardized manner. He also acknowledges that Im not sure Im entirely comfortable with the idea of certifying a patient for medical marijuana but Marijuana Stocks not being involved in the patients actual treatment and follow-up care. Still, he noted, patients with one of the 17 state-designated qualifying medical conditions often have no better option. For those conditions, he said, Our treatments right now are marginal at best. Compassionate Certification Centers is a medical marijuana marketing and consulting company based in Delaware but whose principals are in southwest Pennsylvania.

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