Let’s Hope That Patients In Eastern Oregon Don’t Get Left Behind.

The bill will also shift all cannabis-labeling authority, including medical, from the OHA to the OLCC, and will allow the OLCC to issue medical licenses to medical businesses. These changes beg the question: What is left for the OHA? In general, it appears that the legislature ultimately intends to regulate cannabis like alcohol and tobacco, and get out of the cannabis-as-medicine business entirely. This trend will continue, and potential new patients may be better off treating themselves through the recreational system, or with very small-scale, altruistic growers if they can afford $200 for a medical card. Although the medical cannabis program is clearly on the decline, it will remain relevant for as long as Oregon’s eastern counties continue to prohibit recreational cannabis. Let’s hope that patients in Eastern Oregon don’t get left behind. Got a question? Email us at potlawyer@portlandmercury.com . And remember that if you have a legal problem, contact a lawyer! Our educational musings cannot be relied upon as specific legal advice. A Proposed Bill Hoped to Change That.

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