Orlando Lawyer Preaches To The Choir On Medical Marijuana

KISSIMMEE (NSF) – Attorney John Morgan brought his medical-marijuana crusade to the nation’s premiere cannabis business trade show Tuesday, captivating a roomful of believers before passing around the collection plate for his cause.

Morgan — a self-described “salty-tongued” speaker and a devout Catholic — peppered his 50-minute speech with f-bombs, attacks on the Florida Legislature and a declaration that the future of medical marijuana has reached a “tipping point” in Florida and the nation.

“There is no state in the union that is more ready for this industry than this state,” Morgan said, before closing his speech with a prayer from Mother Teresa and a standing ovation.

The Orlando trial lawyer, whose visage is plastered on billboards across the country and whose trademark “for the people” motto has become inextricably linked with Morgan, has already spent at least $7.5 million of his and his law firm’s money on the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

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