Plant Is Toxic To Dogs, Cats And Horses, According To The Aspcas Animal Poison Directory .

The fact is marijuana the Cannabis Sativa L. plant is toxic to dogs, cats and horses, according to the ASPCAs animal poison directory . Symptoms of ingestion include: lack of coordination, dilated pupils, depression, vomiting, lethargy and hyperactivity. More serious effects include low heart rate, coma, respiratory depression, and rarely, death. While ingestion of dried marijuana or the actual plant can put your pet in danger, baked goods carry an additional concern due to the presence of other ingredients, such as chocolate, which can be toxic to dogs, or potential allergens, such as nuts or eggs. Marijuana should be treated like a prescription medication.Keep it out Marijuana Stocks of reach of both pets and children, advises Tina Wismer, medical director of the ASPCAs Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, Ill. The same goes for any baked good laced with the substance. Click to Play Everything you need to know to invest in marijuana Recreational cannabis is a $6 billion industry that is projected to reach $50 billion in legal annual sales by 2026. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of investing in marijuana. Immediate action recommended If you catch your dog or cat in the act of sampling, or immediately after, consider inducing vomiting.

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