Pot Penalties: Schools Ease Athlete Punishment For Recreational Drugs | Texarkana Breaking News

At Washington, a third failed test used to be a one-year suspension but is now just 30 days. “The change was intended to make the policy more rehabilitative,” Washington spokesman Carter Henderson said. Northwestern, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Southern California, Syracuse, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest did not provide copies of their drug policies despite repeated requests, citing privacy laws. Stanford does not test its athletes. Illinois has a separate pot policy that has become more strict but isn’t as punitive as its policy for drugs like cocaine or heroin. The Big Ten and Big 12 are the only Power Five conferences that do their own testing in addition to the testing done by the schools and NCAA. Those two conferences punish athletes who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The Big 12 is the only conference that screens for recreational drugs, but it does not sanction athletes who test positive. Instead, the Big 12 notifies the school of a positive test and leaves any discipline to the school. Alcohol remains by far the most abused substance on college campuses, with marijuana ranking second.

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