Recreational Use Of Marijuana Is Still Widely Prohibited, Although The Government Is Considering The Possibility Of Allowing Mexican Citizens To Legally Possess Up To One Ounce Of The Drug.

However, the market for medical marijuana in the country is projected to increase to roughly $900 million by 2020. The bigger story for Canada is the prospect of legalization of recreational marijuana. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pushing for legislation that would legalize the drug for recreational use effective July 2018. However, there has been significant pushback that could derail the effort. If Trudeau succeeds, though, the Canadian marijuana market could increase to as much as $22.6 billion annually, Medical marijuana according to research by international accounting and professional services firm Deloitte. Mexico became the second North American country to legalize medical marijuana nationwide in June 2017. Legislation supporting legalization passed overwhelmingly in the Mexican congress. Recreational use of marijuana is still widely prohibited, although the government is considering the possibility of allowing Mexican citizens to legally possess up to one ounce of the drug. How big could the Mexican marijuana industry be?

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