Scottsdale may tighten medical-marijuana rules

The clock is ticking for ailing Iowans who want the state Legislature to expand access to medical marijuana, and they may be running out of time.

Activists for medical cannabis issued an 11th-hour plea for help on Tuesday, just one day after theIowa House defeated a Republican-backed bill aimed at accessing marijuana oil in Minnesota and other states and bringing it back to Iowa.

But two key Republican lawmakers signaled it may be too late to revive the issue with the 2016 session nearing adjournment. Rep. Dave Heaton, R-Mount Pleasant, chairman of a House health and human services budget subcommittee, said medical marijuana legislation is probably dead for this year, primarily because it lacks a legislative vehicle to advance it. Most budget bills have already advanced to House-Senate conference committees where new language can’t be introduced, he said.

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