Since California Knows There Are Thousands Of Secret Delivery Services, Brown Hopes That Licensing Will Encourage Growers To Come Out Of The Shadows.

Under the new law, anyone who holds a license to grow marijuana can also sell and distribute it. And that’s where legal cannabis delivery comes in. Vendors won’t have to go through a middleman to get their product out there. They can start planting and selling from the same business! Like the legal age rule, California will ban open containers of marijuana in public. A decency rule like this one will keep consumers in designated areas, and deter drivers from toking on the road. Basically, buckle up and put it out while you travel. Since California knows there are thousands of secret delivery services, Brown hopes that licensing will encourage growers to come out of the shadows. The state earns billions in profit from cannabis, so it makes sense to funnel those tax dollars back into its economy. The more delivery services join, the better the access to legit sources.

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