Smoke Marijuana Than Ever Before.

More people in the U.S. smoke marijuana than ever before. An exclusive Yahoo News/Marist Poll of Americans finds the majority believe marijuana use is socially acceptable. But they are divided on the issue of whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Forty-nine percent Medical marijuana stocks say they support its use for recreational purposes, and 47 percent oppose it. Thirty percent say their biggest concern with using marijuana is that it is illegal. Eighteen percent worry that it affects peoples judgment and decisions, 14 percent report they are concerned it will lead to other drug use, and 13 percent say it has negative long-term health effects. Still in the throes of her grief, Schindel connected with Lori Robinson, another mother who believes cannabis addiction is responsible for her sons suicide. Robinson said her son Shane was vibrant and accomplished before he began regularly smoking marijuana in his early 20s. He quickly experienced severe psychiatric issues, including multiple psychotic breaks and hallucinations, even though he had no known history of mental illness. Toward the end of his life, Robinson said, he was institutionalized and locked in a mental unit at the height of his psychosis.

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