Social High, Connecting Marijuana Users Globally, Now Available On Android To Users In 60 Countries Wordwide

User Search: Find other cannabis enthusiasts in your area by using the User Search tool. Identified by their location, favorite strain, photo and rating, users can connect with old friends and grow new relationships. Strain Search: By using integrated Leafly strain reports, Social High users can explore the different cannabis strains available throughout the legal market. Direct Messaging: Users can connect through the applications direct messaging feature, which allows Social High members to interact with one another in a more intimate space. Facebook & Twitter Sharing: Users are given the opportunity to share Social High posts on additional social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social High can be an especially beneficial resource for those using medical marijuana, as the app will be offering various support groups and methods of connecting with other patients. Through these connections, medical users can share their own advice and perspectives while boosting spirits by offering encouragement to others. With diverse cannabis backgrounds, co-founders Scott Bettano, Marsh Sutherland and Sonny Steele joined forces in 2014 with a vision of building a safe community for cannabis users to share their culture with like-minded individuals. As a former member of the marijuana black market, Bettano was seeking a way to transcend his knowledge of the cannabis community into the now legal marijuana industry; Sutherland, heartbroken after losing his ex-wife and the mother of his children to cancer and angered that she was not given the opportunity to pair cannabis-infused treatment with her chemotherapy, sought to take his tech start-up expertise into the newly emerging cannabis marketplace; Steele’s relentless search to get his son the medicine he needs after pharmaceuticals have failed, and now wants to help individuals like himself. Marsh Sutherland is enthusiastic about the apps ability to move the industry forward and make a positive impact in the community.

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