Thacker Anticipates The Hub Would Generate $200 Million To $300 Million In Revenue Within Three To Four Years Of Starting Up.

Tuesday night, however, the council heard a proposal from Caliva, a San Jose-based operation that does cultivation, processing, manufacturing and distribution of medical cannabis products. Caliva CEO Larry Thacker said the company is prepared to invest $30 million to $40 million to build a 400,000 square-foot facility in Kings Industrial Park in south Hanford. The facility would be involved in cultivation, processing, testing, manufacturing and shipping of medical marijuana products, but there would be no retail outlets or dispensaries for the products in Hanford. Thacker anticipates the hub would generate $200 million to $300 million in revenue within three to four years of starting up. He estimated it would generate 400-600 jobs. Thacker said the company’s average pay is $17.50 an hour. The company is proposing to pick up all the costs for Hanford to update its ordinance to allow for such businesses to come to town. Current city ordinances forbid any commercial marijuana cultivation or manufacturing operations in city limits. The company is also proposing to cover all Hanford’s costs for the stepped-up law enforcement, monitoring, background checks and other expenses the city expects to incur if Caliva eventually comes to town. Thacker made it clear to the council that the only way it would work is if Caliva can get a local permit nailed down by the end of 2017. That’s when the state Green Rush is expected to start issuing state permits for cultivation businesses to operate.

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