That Would Give Users Access To Public Housing And Financial Aid For Education.

Sen. Ron Wyden and Portland-area Rep. Earl Blumenauer, both Oregon Democrats, hope to change that, if not completely eliminate the current discrimination against the marijuana industry and those involved in it. On March 30, the pair introduced a trio of bills theyve dubbed the Path to Marijuana Reform. The Small Business Tax Equity Act would end federal tax penalties on marijuana businesses and allow them to claim deductions and tax credits available to other small businesses. The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act would end the federal Drug Enforcement Agencys listing of marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug as harmful as heroin or ecstasy. The Responsibly Addressing the Marijuana Policy Gap Act would remove the federal criminal and civil penalties that can be levied against individuals and marijuana businesses even if theyre abiding by state law. It also would Medical marijuana stocks ensure access to research and advertising and set up ways a consumer could have a marijuana violation expunged from the record in states where weed is legal. That would give users access to public housing and financial aid for education. The bill also would ensure veterans could get medical marijuana. Too, the measure would ensure those in the marijuana business have access to banking.

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