Thats Who Its Going To Be Targeted Toward, And A Lot Wont Be Legal Users.

I worry that is whats happening now that this industry wants to come to our beautiful town of York, she said. This isnt about the right to smoke pot on the back stoop. Its about an industry that will market to young people. Thats who its going to be targeted toward, and a lot wont be legal users. Resident James Bartlett was very forthright in his support of a ban, saying without it York would become the Seacoast marijuana central capital for southern Maine because if its proximity Medical marijuana to Interstate 95. If we dont take the strictest possible path by instituting a ban, there are going to be a lot more people who are going to want to come into York and open up these kinds of businesses, he said. This to me is the tip of the iceberg. York is a place to come for family vacations. I hesitate to think what it would become if retail sales are allowed. York High School student Kayla Edminster said the recreational marijuana issue is causing a lot of excitement among teens. As a track team member, she said she sees teammates who are slower because of their marijuana use. It affects their playing ability. I want to be part of a team that is substance free.

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