The Fact Is Marijuana The Cannabis Sativa L.

A tempting treat? If you own a dog, youve surely witnessed his or her notorious eat first, ask questions later attitude. Even cats are known to take a curious nibble without much hesitation. This can be dangerous if they ingest some form of marijuana. Before you start picturing glassy-eyed dogs or chilled-out cats, its important to understand the difference between veterinary and human products. Since the relaxed laws around marijuana, vets have seen a steady rise in emergency visits from pets who have chowed down on their owners stash or munched on a marijuana-laced baked good. One emergency animal hospital in Colorado reports that it treats five dogs a day for ingestion of marijuana, according to Fox31 in Denver . The fact is marijuana the Cannabis Sativa L. plant is toxic to dogs, cats Medical marijuana stocks and horses, according to the ASPCAs animal poison directory . Symptoms of ingestion include: lack of coordination, dilated pupils, depression, vomiting, lethargy and hyperactivity.

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