Their Answer Was Not Complicated: Home Grows.

Postal Service confiscated 7,990 parcels containing about 39,301 pounds of marijuana destined for ZIP codes across the nation. To stop that steady stream of illegal green, the state has studied how so much ostensibly legal Marijuana Stocks marijuana is leaking to the black market. Their answer was not complicated: home grows. State figures compiled by the Marijuana Policy Group estimate that of the 130.3 tons of marijuana demanded by Colorado residents and tourists in 2014, 40.9 percent was supplied by channels outside the regulated market, including the black market. That percentage decreased slightly in 2015, with 27.6 percent of 148.7 metric tons coming from the unregulated and black markets. How much state-grown weed is supplying the out-of-state black market is not a measurable number, MPG founding partner Adam Orens said. But state officials say they are tracking what they describe as an exploding black market through actual drug seizures. Mark Bolton, a spokesman with Gov. John Hickenloopers office, said DEA data show that 4,406 plants and 2,545 pounds of processed marijuana were seized in 2015, compared with 20,031 plants and 7,260 pounds of processed marijuana in 2016. El Paso County law enforcement officials said grows are getting so big and so prolific that theyre running out of room to store all of the evidence they seize.

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