They Want To Go To Ground With It Because It Is A Lot Of Money, James Told Us.

Is it That Simple? Could that be all this is? Just law enforcement in a blatant cash grab before their cash-grabbing days are over? They want to go to ground with it because it is a lot of money, James told us. The family money is only $100,000, but $325,000 from the business and a million dollars-worth of other cannabis-related assets and so forth. So they like money and Medical marijuana stocks policing for profit has been the cause celebre and now and thats all there is to their system, is just to delay, delay, file motion, getting continuances all while running a clock on the core people that are paying for an attorney to try to get their unjustly detained money back. Of course one cant say for sure, but even those who would side with authorities on this issue have to admit that the fact that only the property was taken and no charges were filed points to a policing for profit scenario. As someone who has covered the cannabis community and industry for 7 years, I have reported on many civil asset forfeiture cases. Those cases are always extreme and ridiculous; after all, police are robbing people of their money and property without due process. But this case seems even more extreme than usual when you take into account the fact that James family was targeted and that the D.A.

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