They’re Appealing, So The Controversy Is Far From Over.

“They arrested me and told me I was being charged with selling marijuana because I owned a dispensary,” Barnes said. But police told a different story. They Green Rush stand behind the raids, forfeiture and criminal charges, saying it wasn’t a medical marijuana operation for the sick but a large-scale pot-for-profit operation. The two sides ended up in the courtroom, where Barnes scored a victory. “In this case, the Oakland County Circuit Court, I think, called the Sheriff’s Department on their tactics and pointed out that they clearly had no justification to do what they did to Mr. Barnes or his business,” attorney DavidMoffitt said. Moffitt said when the judge invalidated the search by police and dismissed the criminal charges against Barnes, it sent a strong message and should convince police to give Barnes his money and property back. “You know, if you go around and you frighten people in this fashion and take their assets and tell them (that) if they just let that go then they won’t be prosecuted,” Moffitt said. “If it weren’t being done by people with badges, it would be called extortion.” Prosecutors and police said the judge’s ruling was wrong. They’re appealing, so the controversy is far from over. “I mean, this is Oakland County, one of the richest counties in the country,” Barnes said.

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