This Is Why Medical Marijuana Remains The Safest Investment Route — If You’re Forced To Choose One.

This is why medical marijuana remains the safest investment route — if you’re forced to choose one. Image source: Getty Images. Five drug-developing marijuana stocks you need to know Still, even among medical marijuana stocks and companies, there’s a bifurcation. There are companies that sell cannabis buds, pills, and oils, which lawmakers have questioned the efficacy and safety of, and then there are those drug developers using cannabinoids from the cannabis plant to interact with the natural cannabinoid-receptor system found in our bodies to exact positive biological change. Given that lawmakers are skeptical of marijuana’s benefits and would like more clinical trials to be run, and that these drug developers are running preclinical and clinical studies on their cannabinoid-based drugs, they could, in theory, be in the best shape of all marijuana stocks. With this Green Rush in mind, let’s have a look at five drug-developing marijuana stocks that you need to know. Image source: GW Pharmaceuticals. 1. GW Pharmaceuticals The premier name among cannabis-based drug developers, and the largest marijuana stock by market cap, is GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH). The company’s $3 billion market cap is no coincidence. Despite the fact that it’s currently losing money, which isn’t uncommon for clinical-stage drug developers, GW has a very promising experimental drug known as Epidiolex that delivered in a number of phase 3 trials for two rare forms of childhood-onset epilepsy.

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