We’ve Looked At More Conservative Estimates Are $4-700 Million.

Cassidy said the plan would create a revenue stream for the state and she said it’s something that should at least be discussed. Advocates said they’ve been pushing for decriminalization for years and see the plan as a positive step. We’ve looked at more conservative estimates are $4-700 million. I’ve seen $5-900 million, Representative Kelly Cassidy (D) Medical marijuana stocks Chicago, said. This is something that we need to be taking seriously as we are looking at some dire cuts. People are suffering. There are plenty of people consuming this product even though it is illegal we’d like to bring it out of the underground and bring it above the table. Tax it. Regulate it. Create license businesses and a lot of jobs and revenue at the sometime, Dan Linn, executive director of Illinois NORML, said. The plan would also regulate the industry and create certain standards.

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