You Know, They Have A Number Of Tourists That Are Going To Be Going There, And They Don’t Want Them Smoking In The Hotels But They Do Realize They’re Going To Do It Somewhere So They Want To Give Them A Place To Do It. Nuleaf’s Incline Village Dispensary Is Already Bracing For An Increase In Sales Beginning July 1, Since They’re The Only Legal Dispensary On The North Shore Of Lake Tahoe And Already Get A Large Amount Of Business From The Nearby Communities In California.

“They’re also looking at consumption lounges, which would be interesting.” Scilowicz said that he doesn’t believe NuLeaf, which also operates a dispensary in Las Vegas, would be interested in opening such a facility in Incline Village, but he said he understands why it’s being talked about by people. “I think that was actually asked for by the casino industry in Las Vegas,” he said. “You know, they have a number of tourists that are going to be going there, and they don’t want them smoking in the hotels but they do realize they’re going to do it somewhere so they want to give them a place to do it.” NuLeaf’s Incline Village dispensary is already bracing for an increase in sales beginning July 1, since they’re the only legal dispensary on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe and already get a large amount of business from the nearby communities in California. “If you just look at the demographics of the area, it makes a lot of sense. Truckee and Kings Beach have far higher population than Incline Village and Crystal Bay put together, so it makes a lot of sense to me that, that’s where the majority of our customers come from,” he said. “And if you live in Truckee, we’re still the closest location. ” Even if nearby communities in California decide to allow dispensaries for recreational sales, the state doesn’t plan on issuing licenses until January 2018. There are currently no legal Medical marijuana medical dispensary stores in North Lake Tahoe. But Scilowicz said there’s another reason he thinks customers have to visit the Incline dispensary. “In California, there are no current regulations that force people to test their medicine … Here, our medicine is tested for potency so we get a full THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, a host of other cannabinoids, THCV, and the acidic forms of all those cannabinoids as well as terpene data, which can help you make a decision for what illness you’re trying to treat,” he said.

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